Problem of Recruiting MBA Students by Business Schools Offering the MBA Degree

Problem of Recruiting MBA Students by Business Schools Offering the MBA DegreeThe number of applicants to MBA programs worldwide measures in the thousands. More than 5,000 universities offer the MBA degree, and they naturally want to enhance or build their academic reputations by attracting the best students. A small number of top-tier schools-the Ivy League schools and major state universities-typically have no problem with applications. The best schools receive so many qualified applications they may have to reject 90 percent or more of them. But for many private and public MBA programs recruiting high quality MBA students is a constant struggle. The competition for good students is fierce, and MBA programs are expensive. What then are some of the strategies that schools use to get their share of qualified students?

Most MBA applicants are interested in minimizing the cost of their education. Financial aid, in the form of scholarships and graduate assistantships is an important recruiting strategy. That means that funds have to be available, or the school has to forgo tuition revenue to field a good class.

Another recruiting vehicle is having a great, highly informative, and

Summer Jobs For a High School Student

Summer Jobs For a High School StudentSummer jobs for a high school student can get pretty intense sometimes especially if you live in a small town where the population is low. Can you imagine spending your whole summer broke when you’re old enough to work and make good money to buy those nice clothes you always wanted? To me summer jobs for a high school student are dead because of technology and all the resources we have that we can use online! Think about it for a moment just think! Look at how the internet has changed the way we live, shop, listen to music watch videos and movies etc…

Just imagined that if a summer job for a high school student was all online and you were pulling in over 5k a month or more and just worked 10 hours a week. How would your life change? The good thing is that you don’t have to spend the whole summer in the same place you can pick your business up and take it with you anywhere in the world as long as there is a internet connection! Can

Tips For Getting Better Grades in High School

Tips For Getting Better Grades in High SchoolIf you are planning to go for traditional high school or choose any online program your main goal is to learn new things. In today’s competitive environment learning is not only your target. You must try to get better grads in your academics. Your grads are primary measurement of your skill. If you earn good grads in your academics is gives you better chance for next admission or in finding job.

Below are the some tips for getting better grades in high school.

Attend your class regularly

If you choose traditional high school study you should attend class regularly. Many students skip the classes. There are many reasons to attend your classes regularly.

Getting handy class material: Many professors give some handy tips, short cuts for easily memorize lessons. This will help you to increase your learning speed.

Earn attendance point: Many school and collages give extra points for regular attendance. These points are directly calculated into final grad. So, attending regular class directly affect your grad.

Be organized

You should organize yourself for better management

Why Should You Need an ERP Solution for School Management

Nowadays, most of the schools-both big and small-need to deal with cumbersome data of different activities. The daunting task of managing several operational data, such as student and staff data, attendance records, students’ progress reports, fee collection, among others, flawlessly poses a serious challenge to any school. Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, is a one-stop solution to address all these challenges.

ERP yields a technology-based solution that consolidates all necessary information and tasks across the departments of a school on a central server, thereby integrating the school’s all processes, departments and functions. This way, it enables the school to bring all its key stakeholders–including students, their parents, teachers, school staff and school management–on a single platform.

How will ERP benefit all stakeholders of a school?

Providing an end-to-end solution to all day-to-day school activities, ERP helps in interlinking, integrating and streamlining all activities of different departments. When all school-related databases are stored on a central server, all stakeholders can derive benefits using this centralized server.

Students: When an ERP solution is implemented in a school, students can get access to all necessary information, including study materials, class schedules, library catalogues, assessments, projects, among others, all

How School Desks Are Now Being Made to Look Less Institutional

Ergonomic school desks can brighten classrooms while offering unmatched comfort

Ever since what seems like the beginning of time school desks have always been designed to look very institutional and, more often than not they make the classroom look rather uninviting to say the least. If this isn’t enough, standard school desks can be downright uncomfortable when you have to endure them for an entire school day. However, the old institutional looking tubular metal and wood furniture was considered revolutionary for its day and was considered to be innovative in design and comfortable to use.

Classroom Environmental Impact on Learning

Studies have shown that environmental factors can impede the learning process and reduce the attention-span of students who are forced to remain in a classroom environment that looks uninviting and uncomfortable. Not until recently was this issue being carefully considered since schools have been constructed with institutional looking environments for over a century. Even a decade ago no one thought about a link between classroom environments and how it affects student’s learning processes.

Well, the good news is that student school desk design has reached a respectable milestone thanks to new technology and

Increase Student Recruitment and Retention Using Profiles

Colleges and universities are continuously striving to increase recruitment and retention. Schools everywhere dedicate time, money and resources to attracting and keeping students – it is what drives both their educational missions and their bottom lines.

Traditionally, colleges and universities address student recruitment and retention by increasing marketing efforts. This may be in the form of utilizing additional marketing channels, allocating additional budget for traditional and social media, and more. Schools may expand on their target audience, targeting prospects at work and at home, using direct marketing, phone calls, social media channels, print and online advertising, and devoting additional spend to lead aggregators. However, additional outreach doesn’t always equate to more leads. Rather, schools need to know more about the students they are targeting.

Those schools that build their offerings around the demands of their students, also known as student-centric institutions, are more closely aligned with the overall needs of their target market. To be truly student-centric, one thing that schools should focus on is creating and using profiles from prospect to placement in order to support decisions. By identifying students’ demands early on and understanding their needs, schools can proactively execute recruitment and retention strategies

How to Start a Student Council and Run it Effectively

Student councils and the activities associated with them differ across different schools. Here are some common tips that will help you start and run a student school council that is beneficial both to the students and the school.

What should a student council do?

  • It should address the concerns of the students and come with ways to sort out problems if they are genuine. In the process, the council becomes the reason for all the improvements at school.
  • Organizing events of interest to the students and those that give an opportunity for students to showcase their talent is also an important role that should be played by the student council.
  • It should promote parent teacher interaction which will benefit both the students and the school. A sort of mutual understanding is thus established between the students and the school authorities.

How to make your school council effective?

Organize: learn about the interest of students through surveys and make a list of activities which they may like. But don’t stuff the curriculum with activities only. Prioritize and provide something holds maximum interest of students.

Selection of council members: everything about the council depends on the students

School Rankings Fascinate All Of Us

Whether you agree with the way schools are ranked or how it rankings are determined, they are difficult, if not impossible to ignore. When they are released, we all take a look to see where “our” schools placed on the list. At those times, we may not consider or fully understand why a particular school is ranked in the Top 10 or places at or near the bottom of the list. We should. Granted, we are more likely to agree that rankings are accurate if “our” schools place well on the list. If we are disappointed with the rankings, then we may want to understand more about the process. What do the school rankings really mean? The rankings themselves are meaningless unless public understands the process In order for school rankings to make sense to the public and educators, everyone needs to understand the process and what criteria are used to rank schools.

Otherwise, the rankings are numbers that don’t have any meaning. I do understand that there needs to be a system in place to determine whether schools are doing an effective job of educating students. School rankings are used to figure out how well students

Fun School Fundraiser Ideas That Promote Child Safety

Different institutions in society have been recently affected by the economic situation happening globally. The government has been forced to cut public budgets, businesses had to lay off several of their employees, and the prices of various goods and services were raised to avoid profit loss. Schools have also had to cut their budget for different school activities, functions, and materials. This is why school fundraisers are very important. These income-generating projects cater to the extra expenses schools need in order to function as the second home for children. Proceeds from these fundraisers could for example pay for educational class trips; provide equipment needed by the school’s sports division, assist students who lack financial support, and many more.

There is a variety of school fundraiser ideas that have been practiced by most schools. But the most common and popular form is the door-to-door selling of different food products such as cookies or candy by students. This may be one of the most profitable forms of school fundraising, but is also the most dangerous. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of crimes targeting children. Asking students to go door-to-door only increases the risk of them

Healthy School Lunches


One in three children is obese in the United States. The factors contributing to this epidemic vary, but poor nutrition and declining levels of physical activity are most often cited. Schools are slow to join the fight against childhood obesity, and the National School Lunch Program continues to serve the same unhealthy dishes from previous decades: full of calories and low on nutritional content.


Change has taken the form of initiatives with the goal of bringing more affordable and nutritious options to students across the country.

So while Congress takes its recess, kids across America are taking theirs as well. However when U.S. students take recess they are having to burn off the high-calorie junk food sold in vending machines and low-nutrition school lunches served in the cafeteria.

Another initiative underway to combat the epidemic of childhood obesity is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Jamie Oliver, a renowned culinary expert from Essex, England became famous through several television series such as: The Naked Chef, Jamie’s Kitchen, Jamie’s School Dinners, Jamie’s Chef, Jamie at Home, and Jamie’s Ministry of Food.

His most recent show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, focuses on educating

Money Management Tips for High School Students

Did you know that the average college student graduates with $4100 in credit card debt? This does NOT include tuition and books. Now is an excellent time to teach money management tips to your high school student to ensure responsible spending when they leave the nest and enter college.

My first tip is to open a checking/savings account for your kid. This will allow them to start to learn the basics of money management. Many institutions offer a service that notifies you via email or text message if the account falls below a certain balance. Set the threshold high enough that you don’t get caught with overdraft fees. You want to teach your kid how to manage money – but you don’t want it to cost YOU money! If your kid falls below the threshold – charge him an overdraft fee.

Next, I would set him up with a debit card. It’s often difficult to manage money when you are able to withdraw funds anytime you want. Plus, the balance shown at the ATM is not always up-to-date. It is important for your student to understand that checks written do not post immediately. Also, ATMs can

High School Student Resumes

So, you are in high school and you think you might need a resume some day. The only problem is that you really do not know how to write one. Fortunately, there are guidelines to help you create an awesome resume than employers will actually enjoy reading.

High School Student Resumes: Get the Facts

Most resumes have the same major sections. They are: Heading, Objective, Education, Experience, Activities/Awards and References. Employers like to know where to find the information they are seeking, so use the sections that are listed above and put them in a common resume format, such as: Chronological, Functional or Combination.

If you do not have any work experience, consider listing volunteer work and/or school-related experiences, such as design work for a yearbook, maintaining the equipment for the football team, participating in various clubs (especially as an officer) or something similar. All of those responsibilities and tasks can be used to emphasize your skills on a resume.

Accomplishments are probably the most important things you can list on a resume. This is true regardless of how old you are or how much experience you have. Employers like to see results. If

More High School Time Management Study Tips For Exam Prep

Students often fear the very thought of an exam for various reasons. However, having a solid study routine by learning some time management skills will go along way in helping you tackle that tough exam coming up. Let’s face it scoring well on exams will get you a leg up on getting into to better colleges and universities and may even lead to academic scholarships. This article and many of my others share tips on how you can become a better test taker. This article will focus on high school study tips.

the first thing to keep in mind is to keep things in perspective and remain positive at all times. Keeping things in perspective will allow you to not get easily discouraged. Every successful person sets goals and it is no different being in high school. Set goals for yourself, maybe you want to achieve B’s instead of C’s or A’s instead of B’s. Maybe your goal is to double your study time to achieve those good grades. Whatever your goals stick to them and strive the achieve them.

Often times when people feel overwhelmed by everything that is going on in their lives

Tips For Being Successful Throughout High School

High school is very different from middle school and elementary school. In these 4 or 3 years, you start to become who you are. As you progress through the grades, you will take on more responsibilities and have more of a grasp on your life. High school can prove to be very challenging to some people or an amazing, breezy experience to others. The truth is, your experience is what you make it to be.

The following advices are some that I wish I was told in the first year of high school rather than finding out on my own the hard way. Take my advice as a basis to expand. Every high school is different and every person is different. Just remember to enjoy your time as a teenager!

1. Sign up for a few clubs that interest you and 1 or 2 that seem interesting.

Joining clubs that interest you will expose you to people that share the same interests as you. In these clubs you will form bonds and learn how to interact with different types of people. You may discover that you really enjoy a particular thing very much or that

Improved Recruiting Efforts for Private Schools

If you are the Head of an independent private school, one of the biggest concerns every year is enrollment. Many schools have to do a lot of recruiting in order to make sure that they have enough students to the expenses that are part of running a school. Those responsible for recruiting tend to use fallback methods that all recruiters use: referrals, newspaper/radio ads, and venues where parents and educators come together. These are good; however, what is being left out is the fact that most people look online when they are searching for just about anything – schools for their children included.

Over 90% of the parents who looked for private schools to educate their children looked online first. Not only did they use desktop computers, but also laptops, mobile devices, netbooks, and social media like Twitter/Facebook. The final determination of whether or not to apply to and attend a specific private school usually comes down to school quality and pedigree, but there are a large number of schools that don’t even get on parents’ radar because it is so difficult to find in-depth information on them. Finding and reading a private school’s website is one

Choosing Schools for Children

Choosing the best school for your child is not only a personal but time consuming decision. Some parents are content with a public school and others would rather have their children in a private school. However, it is important to exhaust all possible options before arriving at a decision.

When choosing schools, it is essential to focus on your child’s characteristics. If you keep their personality, strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and interests in mind you will be able to find the best possible school to fit their disposition. There are private schools that are geared towards children with special needs with typically developing peers in class. There are schools that guide parents on good home school routines for their children. There are also schools that follow unique teaching philosophies, for instance, there are schools that follow a Waldorf curriculum. This kind of curriculum focuses on the social development of students where creative expression and imagination are at the heart of learning. Students are not evaluated against a numerical grading system, but rather through qualitative assessment methods.

Aside from considering your child’s disposition, it is important to factor in the facilities of each school to ensure that it

Tips for Simple Scholarships for High School Seniors

College is a near-necessity in today’s job market, and tuition is rising at an alarming rate; there is no reason to pass up free money from simple scholarships for high school seniors. Sure, everyone has heard of the big-name scholarships that require a near-perfect GPA and high SAT scores, but what about for the average high school senior?

Where are their scholarships? Well, there are plenty out there if you look hard enough.

Tip #1: Do things other students don’t like to do. For example, do the report or essay-type scholarships. These include the Ayn Rand “Atlas Shrugged” scholarship, the Big Dip scholarship, and the Share Your Story scholarship.If you’re decent at putting your thoughts into words these will be a no-brainer to do for you. There are hundreds of them that receive less than 100 applicants a year just because students don’t like doing work outside of what’s required, so try your luck and you may be rewarded for half an hour spent typing on a computer. If nothing else, remember this tip to get simple scholarships for high school seniors.

Tip #2: Major-specific scholarships don’t actually follow up on what major you do.

Tips on How to Earn High School Diploma From Top Online Schools

Nowadays, there are many online education providers who offer online high school diploma programs for working adults in United States. Some schools are accredited by the United States Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and they are genuine. However, some are not recognized at all by the employers in the job market. Hence, choosing the right online school is important because you need to make sure that you are able to obtain a recognized diploma from the particular school.

Being the high school dropout, it is actually important for you to consider taking up a diploma course to upgrade yourself. Without a diploma qualification, you will have lesser job options and it is hard for you to obtain a well-paying job. On the other hand, being a diploma holder, your employability in the job market will be increased. When you are in the midst of searching for an online school, you are advised to be smart. You need to be careful in your selection. You must make sure that you really can acquire new knowledge and skills from the school. If not, it is just wasting your time and money to enroll in

Are You Aware of How to Prepare For Private High School Entrance Exam

ISEE and SSATs are mandatory for students who want admission into prestigious private schools in the US.

Are you wondering “How to prepare for private high school entrance exams?” The ISEE and the SSAT tests are mandatory tests assigned for students who want entrance into prestigious private schools in the US. Different schools require either the ISEE or the SSAT test scores so before applying check with the schools you have been short listed and then prepare and apply for the tests. Here are a few tips to help you out on how to prepare for private high school entrance exam-

  • Private tutoring is dependent on your budget. You can choose to have a private tutor for yourself or your child, but it will cost you as high as $100 for an hour of expert tutoring. Several schools prohibit private tutoring for children younger than the age of four years and if tutoring is detected; it will lead to immediate disqualification!
  • How to prepare for private high school entrance exams is not difficult to understand. Schools are basically looking for your reading comprehension, language, reasoning and math skills for evaluation before they allow you admission.

How to Prepare for a High School Diploma Test Online

Many people are afraid of tests, both written tests and oral tests. However, we can’t avoid ourselves from taking examinations even if we are pursuing online courses. For working adults who are currently preparing themselves for high school diploma test, here are FIVE useful tips you should apply so that you can pass the examination smoothly.

Tip No. 1: Go through the course outline

When you apply for an online General Education Development (GED) course, you need go through the course outline closely. It is important for you to know the exact syllabus so that you can focus on the right topics.

Tip No. 2: Follow your study schedule

Since you are studying part-time course through internet, you should work out a study schedule for yourself. You must allocate time to do revision every day. You need to refer to your course materials and reference books from time to time. Besides, if you are required to complete the course work by your online school, you are reminded to complete the assignments and submit them on time. It is not right to burn midnight oil. You should follow your timetable properly so that you can